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We work in different types of Projects including New construction , Remodel , Security Camera and more. Try us!

New Construction

You want build your new house, you need to have it compatible with technology and energy efficiency.


We help commercial clients, design and build their Electrical and low voltage systems. Hospitals, Parking lots, schools, retailers , law offices and more!

Security Camera

You can watch and Monitor your property from every where with different type of security cameras


You need to have theater room, speakers , TVs and Monitoring system, consult with us! Our Expert team will help you to design and implement your project!


Nowadays, the houses use LED lights not because of their decorative features, they have low consumption and high efficiency feature as well.

Residential Remodeling

Whenever you want to remodel your house, it’s the time to think of rewiring the house, upgrade your panel and also make your house smart and energy efficient.

Permits Simplified

Renovations and installation require paperwork and permits. As certified contractors, we know what papers need to be filed and what permits need to be obtained.

Remodels and Renovations

While remodeling or renovating a property, we ensure to revise the electrical system and make it more compliant with energy and safety standards.

Repair Expertise

Our experts have the license and permit needed to work on repairing complex electrical circuits and appliances, including the mains.

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